Diamond Time, Ltd. was established in London, England in 1981 by Martin Davis (former Managing Director of United Artists Records and Island Records) and his partner Bruce Higham to create copyright structures for new media and to provide music programming to public locations.

Diamond Time opened a New York office in January, 1990 to provide production and licensing services for Pioneer Electronics' new line of CD and video jukeboxes.

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Simultaneous with the Pioneer project, Diamond Time U.S. opened a rights & clearances division to provide a vast array of clearance related services to the domestic and international television, film, record and multi-media production communities. Some of the services in which we specialize include; music rights (publishing and recording), talent releases, archival and stock footage acquisitions and clearances, photographic consents and guild/union reports. For a quick education on what this all means, see A Practical Guide To Licensing and Clearances.

As an international copyright clearance company, Diamond Time has serviced a wide variety of clearance related assignments and has experience dealing with the global differences surrounding copyrights and the management and administration thereof. Please see our clients and projects page to view a list of some of the clearance assignments we have tackled over the past decade.

Having overseen several of their own productions, the Diamond Time staff has first hand experience with the film and television production process. This knowledge is most useful when helping our clients integrate the clearance process into their production schedule and budget. For more information about the people who work at Diamond Time, you can visit the staff page.

In 1992, at the request of several record labels, Diamond Time opened a sampling clearance division to service the growing need for licensing in the area of audio samples as incorporated predominately in rap and hip-hop music. Check out our sampling page for details.

Diamond Time has also established a reputation for footage licensing. In 1993 we were awarded representation of the Bill Graham Presents video archive. In 1995 we added Time-Life's "The History of Rock And Roll" interview archive to our holdings. For more information, visit the DT Archive page.

In 1997, as a result of our expanding relationships with the stock footage companies, Diamond Time was asked to help start a U.S. chapter of the U.K. based organization, FOCAL (Federation Of Commercial Audio-visual Libraries). Working from ground zero, Diamond Time has brought the U.S.A. chapter of FOCAL to over four dozen members, and the number continues to rapidly grow. For information on how you can become a member, visit the FOCAL website at

In 1999, Diamond Time formed another close alliance with the International Documentary Association (IDA), which provides a wide array of services supporting the documentary filmmaking community. Check out their website at